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[PUBLIC RELEASE - August 1, 2024]

An evening dress that comes with a select few texture options including Silk, Sequin and Glittery Stars.

This dress was another suggested in Discord! Be sure to make your suggestions known if you want any clothing in the game too!

Replaces the Riviera Dress

Available in Bibo, Bimbo, Bacchante, YAB and Rue, which both Bimbo and Bibo/YAB/Rue Waist sizes.

The dress itself replaces top and bottoms, hiding legs in order for there to be no clipping. The bottom is closed off but will allow for all shoes to be seen. Expect clipping with thighboots and in some customize+ settings.

Thanks to @ffxivleno @cathoryffxiv and @Soulle for modeling the outfit!

You will get a TTMP2 (153MB) file