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[PUBLIC RELEASE - December 25, 2024]

Rat and Mouse ears!

The ears were sculpted and textured from scratch, and set to be the shape of both Rats and Mice alike. Complete with a simple tail and some whiskers, you can be as mousy as you like.

This mod replaces all Miqo'te, Au'Ra and Viera ears/tails and will require modded hairstyles to cover up holes left behind.

An alternate version using the Tamamo Headband is available for all races, this will hide Miqo'te and Viera ears for them to show.

Whiskers use the Gysahl Ring (Right) and are available in white and black.

Lastly, you can color the tail ribbon using Material C - Row 16. To keep it metallic, set the diffuse to be darker than the specular!

Thanks to Kagome and Frostdapple for being super cute models!

You will get a 7Z (106MB) file