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[PUBLIC RELEASE DATE - April 30, 2024]

How can you be expected to go out and save the world with nothing to help carry your loot? This backpack will help with that! Filled with all your adventuring needs and decorated to show off your favorite characters.

This backpack includes 10 minion options (based on feedback received from ya'll) and is usable by EVERYONE.

Replaces the Empyrean Necklace and Knapsack.

This item is usable both as equipment and as a fashion accessory. The knapsack version will be poseable in Gpose for you to move around to your liking. Straps have some light weighting to stay on the shoulders a little, but otherwise this is a pretty rigid model meant to be cute.


1. Backpack Color -

Coloring is defined in row 16 for material B, C, and D. Material A is reserved for the minion textures.

2. Custom Minions -

If you would like to change the minion to another, you simply need to export the minion model,  import the model into blender, pose it and place it on the bag (there is a strap you can position it on).

The minion may be in multiple parts, this is fine. Just remove all weights on any bones it has, and add 100% weighting (full red or 1.0 value) to n_hara for the knapsack, or j_sebo_c for the necklace.

The minion needs to be Part 0.0 (and 0.1, 0.2 etc per part). Copy the minion materials to the backpacks A material and it will load.

3. Custom Photos -

If you would like to change the photos, I've included a photoshop file to show where they are placed on the main texture. You will need to update this, save as a PNG or any image file usable in Penumbra. Import and replace Material C's diffuse (v01_unknown_d)

If you still need help with customizing the bag, please reach out :).

You will get a RAR (160MB) file