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Terms of Use for ALL Mods

General Permissions

Do not claim my work as your own.

Do not resell or repost any mods I create under any circumstances.

If possible, I would appreciate credits for social media posting when displaying one of my mods. This is not required, but appreciated!

Mod Porting Terms

Cannot be shared or posted free prior to the public release date. Refer to the mod pages for public release dates and contact me directly if you are unsure a mod has been made public.

If you would like to use parts or textures of my mods for your own projects, please speak with me first.

You are welcome to edit any mod for personal use. If you would like to have a mod ported, by another mod maker please purchase another copy before sending files to anyone.

NOTE: It may be cheaper to have me port a mod as a commission than to buy another!

Private commissions will remain private unless the requester says otherwise. No exceptions.

If you post upscales or ports of my mods publicly, please credit me and provide a link to any service that has the mod available.

Do NOT port any lewder mods to Lalafell. They were not built for that...

Refund Policy

As all mods are digital products, refunds are not available. Please take caution when purchasing and if you would like more previews of any mod reach out to me directly. I'm happy to showcase any mod I make fully.