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To request a commission, join my discord and create a private thread. Include me @Chesder to talk over the request and scheduling.

Click Request Commission on the top right to join.

Pricing is as follows for general modding requests:

★ 1 Star Difficulty $5.00

Simple Edits - fixing mods, clipping, or porting small objects and items.

★★ 2 Star Difficulty $10.00

Hair edits, fixing, porting, hat friendly edits, etc. Porting of simple mods (typically one or two piece outfits) to YAB or Bibo

★★★ 3 Star Difficulty $15.00

Porting of complex mods (full outfits and texture/retexturing fixes or edits) to YAB or Bibo

★★★★ 4 Star Difficulty $20.00+ (prices may vary based on complexity)

Porting other property meshes (not already in FF14) Gear/hair mashups

★★★★★ 5 Star Difficulty Price is negotiated at time of request

Custom creations (within my ability) or additional mesh creations on existing items, character rigging (such as pets and minions) or any other above average request


  1. All pricing is general and pricing may change more or less based on the time required to complete the request. Note, I will never increase the price after starting on a project no matter what issues arise during the process.
  2. Payment will only be required once your schedule/slot position is available. I will accept all requests in advance and message you when it is time to start so you may choose to proceed. If you choose to wait, you may request another time slot when the next is available.
  3. Payment is made once your slot is available and work is ready to beign. Work on any commission will only begin once payment has been made.
  4. Refunds are available only in extreme situations where I cannot complete the commission. Note that time taken to complete a commission is not guaranteed, although I work as quickly as I can!
  5. All commissions will NOT be posted publically unless given permission by the requester. Sometimes you just wanna be unique