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[PUBLIC RELEASE - May 15, 2024]

"Feeling sick?"

Suggested in my Discord, this nurse outfit was designed with everything you need to keep your patients happy.

Replaces the Wake Doctor's Attire

This outfit is available in Small, Medium and Large with buff options. Legs are sized to Watermelon and Skull Crushers.

Each piece of the outfit is customizable letting you decide everything from which side the eyepatch is on, down to whether you are wearing nothing but your underwear. You can also choose from multiple texture options including White and Black variants, both of which have bloodied options, and a base dyable which lets you color the attire to your liking.

For those who want to customize the outfit more closely, use the Dyable settings and adjust the material data as you would like.

Thanks to @ffxivleno and @LizordHonkies for modeling the outfit in thumbnails!

Permissions can be found here

You will get a TTMP2 (266MB) file