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[PUBLIC RELEASE - June 15, 2024]

A gothic punk styled set with a low riding spaghetti strap tank top, revealing a lace pushup bra. Complete with torn jeans, stockings and belted gloves and boots, the sets even aerodynamic (that's a joke lads)

Replaces the Leonhart Attire

The outfit itself is sized to all Bibo, Bimbo and YAB sizes (except Rue) and also for Bacchante and Uranus. The legs are sized to Bibo, Bimbo and YAB Sizes.

Available plain but also with multiple shirt designs including many showcasing Patrons and Discord members! This time I was able to make the UV Mapping simple enough that adding your own design will be very simple. If you need help just reach out :)

As always there are a number of options to choose from, such as removing the shirt revealing only the bra, choosing the stockings arrangement, and what parts are dyable. 

Thanks to @PitsPeachy and @AkiBun for the thumbnails!

Permissions can be found here

You will get a TTMP2 (201MB) file