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Dressed for Winter

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The final mod of this month, and of 2023 is here! This is an idea I had back a couple months ago and I'm happy to see it realized. I personally like the tastefully lewd side of things and this falls into that category!

A simple scarf covering the body, perfect for keeping you warm this winter!

Replaces the Coeurl Beach Halter

Available in Bibo Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, YAB+ Small, Medium and Large with buff and non-buff options. YAB+ Leg options are all available with small butt options as well.

Includes 8 texture options, including Linen, Wool, Silk (all striped or plain), Plaid and Sheer.

I very much hope you enjoy this mod! I've got more planned to come in 2024 and can't wait to show it to you.

Have a wonderful holiday and see you again next year!

Thank you to Leno for providing the thumbnail!


- Please do not share or port this mod until public release at the date posted above.

- Personal edits are permitted so long as they are not used in commissions or released prior to the public release date.

You will get a TTMP2 (44MB) file